through the square window

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Going through some older posts I came across this. I was working in an old hospital at this time, I remember the view from the window very well, in fact it is only about 20 minutes from where I am now (maybe 30).

One thing about that view though was that it was interesting, even if grim. If I were to do the same thing now the view is very different, new buildings, lots of glass and landscaping. As the nights draw in and I walk to the station when it is dark there will be multiple lights on, entire floors, devoid of workers but still lit up like a Christmas tree shine out (as they do all other this city), so much for giving a shit about global warming etc.

One of the blogs that I have just added had a post which says …

Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.

So I did.

Just across the way from me there is a three story brick structure, its dirty bricks are smeared with years of grime and pollution that have ceaselessly eaten into the brickwork, turning it into a mass of dull grey smears and dark smudges.

I don’t think that “wing” of the building is used much any more, as the only light comes from one window that has a gap in its drawn curtains as if the room is trying to be hidden from general view. The glass beyond all of the other windows is dark and cold and completely uninviting.

The gap between my wing and that is used as a car park and very little foot traffic goes through it, there is a tree at one end, its branches completely bare of leaves. Outside it is currently bitterly cold (for the UK) and it is raining, although it is more like hail than rain. A lot of the rain is almost horizontal as it seems to be really windy at the moment.

It isn’t a pleasant scene, it is grim and horrible… I work in a hospital in central London (although this is mainly administration rather than a hospital with lots of beds).


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Credit: Unknown
Golden Grass

We walk hand in hand in amongst the tall grass, a late summer sun hangs low on the horizon its warmth dissipating as the vast vestiges of day creep into evening. We sit and I look directly at the sun, my eyes close and I relax all the muscles in my face as I am willing the last of the heat to sink into my skin, nourishing me and my soul.

She tugs at my sleeve and I open my eyes and look at her, pulled from my reverie I look into her smiling face, her eyes are alive and sparkle with life, I lay next to her propping my head up on one hand as the other finds her waist. Her skin is warm and inviting and I lay my head down on her belly, the wool of her jumper tickling my face, her fingers playing with my hair and my ear, I pull her close to me and sigh a contented, happy sigh.

looking forward

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I’ve had a little time to think about it, And Jo’s reply to my last post made me think too, theme, theme, THEME. And I am not talking about the free wordpress theme, I am talking about the theme of the blog.

I’ve tried to encompass too much into the blog, particularly bad is the self esteem/feeling down crap that just shouldn’t be here so I will be going through and deleting those posts. I have already deleted all the music posts.

I have updated the “about the blog” page and I am going to attempt the following.

All that will go on this blog is writing to the pictures that is the bulk of it, writing challenges from other blogs on occasion, and anything regarding this blog, changes to it (such as saying if changed the theme etc), or posts like this where it is bandying around a reason for doing something.

These two things ill be the only things on this blog, being too diverse is bad (I think) and I am going to try and stick to these two things.

So far I have deleted over 200 blog posts from this blog… Spring cleaning.


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So we are a little way into this blogging 101 challenge and it is time to reassess my original goals. Back before joining the blogging 101challenge I was at a crossroads, I was getting a little frustrated with blogging and was ready just to hang back slightly, before veering off and leaving by the side exit, pulling down my baseball cap and wandering off into the crowd.

But then the Blogging 101 came along and I tucked into the posts, I saw readership go up a tiny amount, I enjoyed writing the posts, general views went up quite a bit as well, I even found a couple of blogs to follow. All that seems to have tapered off again back to pre-blogging 101 levels.

I am like a pendulum. Sometimes I feel that this isn’t the place for me, that I should maybe give up altogether and other times I feel addicted to this place that I want to read and savour all the words from the blogs that I follow or from the comments that I do get.

With those extremes I cannot make a definitive decision on what to do. I’ve decided not to do the challenge today though mainly because I have the things it is asking to do, and it seemed pointless writing words around that. I may try and pull up a picture on the web and write to that, I like doing that.


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Vasco da Gama bridge
Credit: Paulo Flop click name for a bigger, better photograph

Although it has been a while since I have done this, driving at night is something that gives me great pleasure, I have my favourite scenarios but really as long as there isn`t much traffic on the roads all options are good.

In town safely cocooned inside the familiar smells and layout that is your car, or you as a passenger in someone elses car (this is even better as you can concentrate on outside rather than driving) you drive through the city, the bright and gaudy lights from buildings reflect off the glass, you may have some tunes playing, something light (I remember one time we did this we were playing the Diamond Life album from Sade) you and your passenger/s looking outside to everything that is going on.

Out in the countryside driving through country lanes, the bright halogen created light cutting through the darkness picking up all the details in the foliage and fields and then parking up and shutting everything off. Away from all the light pollution you get out of the car and watch in wonder at the billions of stars out there in the universe, it almost overpowers the mind to think about how many planets and stars there are out there, what is out there? This one, for me, is the only reason to own a convertible car, stargazing in comfort.

Other locations spring to mind too. Driving through tunnels for instance, the noise as the sounds reverb off the walls creating a tinny, whooshing effect. Before being spat out the exit and back into the dark of night (unless you are in a town). Or bridges, bridges are great places to travel over of a night, especially warm nights; the windows are down the breeze tastes fresh and salty, the darkness stretches away from both sides of the bridge and soon becomes a dark inky blackness, I sometimes wonder what watches us from those shadows, out there far from the light, in or near the mud creatures lurk, biding their time.

Do you have a favourite location when driving?

Blogging 101: Be Inspired By the Community

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Blogging 101: Be Inspired By the Community.

Yesterday’s challenge in some ways was going to take me out of my comfort zone, If you have read some of my past posts you will know that finding new blogs for me is a challenge because I have to have a connection there of some sort and I must be a real pain in the arse because I don’t find that often.

In fact I was going to ignore the challenge completely but I think there was a link to the blogging 101 tag and I clicked on that as I was just curious was to what was out there on this tag. I skipped through a few of the intro comments, nothing really grabbing my attention and then I saw…

“Have you ever felt exhilarated by stumbling across a blog that speaks to you?”

This, this this… repeat after me, this is what I am looking for, this is the elusive, a rare breed of blog indeed. I just had to click into it. This was PixieDustBeach and her post for the challenge that I was trying to avoid :P. She recommended several blogs which I looked at and amongst those was another that took my fancy, so ended up following TGTW, which stands for The Goat That Wrote, weird name but from what I’ve read, an interesting blog with some fantastic photographs that capture the imagination.

Another blog I came across that struck me as potentially interesting was Card Castles in the Sky, I love the name and they commented on a post that I made elsewhere outside of blogging 101, I have added them to my blog reader where I will read their posts of a few weeks and hopefully something will click there and ill then follow.

All in all not a bad day for me.


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Image Credit: Unknown

It was late into the evening I was slouched across the sofa in tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt, the radiators pumping out warmth into the room. A late night film played on the TV, a thriller mystery I believe although I cannot recall the name. I reached for my glass and took a swig of the cold beer. Puss lay on my lap curled into a tight grey ball, her tail so close to her nose that I was unsure how she wasn’t tickling herself.

Her eyes opened and shone bright green blue with the light from the TV dancing across her corneas. Cats can do that, I’ve seen them; they go from seemingly fast asleep to alert in seconds, survival instinct I guess, her head lifted and turned towards me but I saw that her focus was actually past me, Then I heard the noise.

perch rock pools

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Perch Rock Pools Lighthouse
Photo Credit: Alf Bailey

I would love to stay in a lighthouse, this one seems different in that (from what I can tell) it is not surrounded by cliffs and jagged rocks and you can get out and out onto the sands at low tide, either scenario works for me, encapsulated in a secure location with a giant storm going on outside, grey, angry waves smashing against the lighthouse (although judging by its height, location and window level I am not sure that there are massive storms like that here). Or soft warm sunsets and walks along the rippled sand, crystal clear pools with small fish and crabs waiting for the new tide to come in, the smell of the sea surrounding you.

The location is listed as Perch Rock Pools from the pics I can see the area looks quite flat, perhaps the lighthouse is warning ships of sand bars and stuff like that.

Blogging 101: Love Your Theme

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Blogging 101: Love Your Theme.

I think that I will pass on this. I have changed themes already several times, and this one is set up as I want it, I do not want to go potentially screwing any formatting up etc changing a theme. Besides I would say I spend less time than anyone else on my theme, I tend to spend all my time in the dashboard or reading other peoples posts on their sites with their themes. I only glance at mine on occasion to make sure the formatting is ok on a post.

Blogging 101: Dream Reader

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Blogging 101: Dream Reader.

Today’s blogging 101 challenge is to… publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.

My initial thoughts were to write a post to my dream reader in the terms of my current blog style and what I write about, which is difficult, but then as I read more of the post (I have a tendency to skim longer posts). It says.

…Maybe it’s the head of Random House, so she’ll skyrocket you into literary limelight.

Whilst my dream reader isn’t the head of Random House, it did get me thinking about who would I want reading my blog in terms of progressing myself.

There are people out there that are focused, that seem to know how to do things, have the right attitude and all those other positive buzz words that are thrown around. Some people say they are lucky but most of them are not lucky, they just work hard and don’t give up etc. I am not one of those people.

45+ years old and been in the rat race since about a year after I left school, I was never really academically gifted, did average at school and fell into working in supermarkets, the data entry, then IT sales and now IT support. I enjoy the job I am in now but up until then I had begun to hate this industry and wanted to get out, but to what, nearing 50, how the fuck could I change career at that age and even if I could I would have to start from the bottom.

I even feel that my (bright) ideas to do other things are flawed. So I sit in the rat race, getting older, in an IT contract job that could end any time, with no real money behind me. But I think that I could change my attitude, I just need to be around a person of that kind of personality and it would rub off on me too, so that would be my ideal reader, an up and coming entrepreneur who has the patience to take a jaded old man and give him a lease of life.