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If I sold stuff on here this would be the closing down sale wouldn’t it? Lots of activity in the beginning as people waded in for the bargains followed by not much activity at all as the last of anything decent is sold off, I am hanging on to the blog for the sake of… something I am not quite sure of.

I think my thought processes are, currently at least, too fragmented in order to actually keep a blog going, especialy this blog in its current incarnation. Especially a blog that lost its focus and it’s readership a long time ago. So I am probably going to wander off. The other blog is still there and so I may well copy and paste anything decent from this blog over there and publish it if I ever decide to take it up again.

But ill leave this here, everything else will be made private or deleted. Once I’ve gotten what I want from it ill delete the blog. Catch ya later everyone, it’s been emotional.