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Brighton Lanes

This weekend coming (26/1) my missus wants to “do something” as she has been “stuck indoors”. Money has been a bit tight lately, especially as I had 10 days off over Xmas (including days the office was closed) and so my salary took a hit (I am a contractor and don’t get paid if off).

I personally am quite happy to sit at home, my desire for going out being somewhat curbed, I’ve not seen any of my mates since a party on New Years Eve for example and although once I am out I tend to be OK and enjoy myself I’ve not really been in the mood for it, my thoughts are elsewhere in some imaginary world that doesn’t exist.

Anyway, I said make 2 plans, one for if the weather is very bad and one if the weather is OK. If the weather if very bad we will go and see The Revenant, that film does look pretty good. If the weather is OK then we are going to do what I have been thinking about for weeks and that is go down the coast. Not sure if it will be Hastings or Brighton yet but certainly one of those places. In fact it may have to be Brighton as they have a rather excellent restaurant there that I enjoy visiting.

If we do go there I must take my camera and try and get some shots in (rather than just pics from my phone), I see pictures like this and this and would love to get some shots that are even half as good.


I was reading a post over on Meagan’s blog about personality types. I remember doing a course that involved these personality types back in the early 2000’s when I worked for a broadcasting company although I sadly cannot remember what my results were, I really wished I had kept those as they would be handy in the test that I have just done. But still we have to work with what we have so I did this test that was linked, I did it twice in fact and the results were different both times.

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Hmmm; was it only the 22nd when I posted that last post, fresh out of ideas and so hanging up the virtual pen for good, at least I thought it was for good, the intention was fully there. Since posting that last post I had had a few new followers which I find confusing, why would people follow a blog where the last post is a “farewell I am not going to post on this blog anymore” post? but hey who am I to question. What that did though was force me to think of this blog again, this little corner reserved for me, and so on that note I decided to give it a crack again.

To be honest I still have not figured exactly what I will put here, which let’s face it is not the best marketing plan in the world, but I needed… something, somewhere to jot thoughts down that don’t really fit in with what is going on over at Habitat for Heavy Hearts.

And so after being away for less than a month I started again, all previous posts hidden or deleted, theme changed, all tags and categories removed; a fresh start which will hopefully not falter.

I am not sure how often this will be updated but I imagine, or at least hope for once a week (at least) but if I get into the flow it may well be every day. It will concentrate more on personal (to me) things, thought, life stuff, observations of what goes on around me, my opinion on news etc, that sort of thing. All I can promise is that it will be random.

If you are still following this blog from before then I hope you stuck around.


For now at least this is how I feel on this blog. However I was thinking of firing up something over on LiveJournal again as I do sometimes want something to say that would not go over on Habitat, I’ve not been there for a while. Habitat for Heavy Hearts will still continue as is.

Thanks to everyone who connected with me on here, c’mon over to the blog above if you have not done so already. I may come back to this one, but not yet… It’s been emotional.

All post prior to this have been deleted or hidden.

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