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We all know how to do something well — write a post that teaches readers how to do something you know and/or love to do.

Source: Teach Your (Bloggers) Well

The art of drinking a good spirit (or wine).

What can I say, I like good quality spirits (and wine) and I have my own idiosyncrasies about how it should or should not be done, I am talking here about spirits drunk straight by the way, spirits with mixers…well who cares about them.

I will give two examples here, one on Cognac and one on Wine.


Cognac is posh Brandy, it has generally matured longer and it HAS to come from the Cognac region in France. I’ve tasted some pretty good, aged South African and Spanish Brandy but they cannot be called Cognac because they are not from there.

So the ceremony is this (because it is a ceremony).

1. Open the bottle. All good Cognac in my opinion will have a cork, not a screw top.

2. Put your nose to the and smell, I find it better if I close my eyes and my mind will wander away to fields of tall grass in the lazy, sunny fields of Cognac (if indeed they have fields of long grass) (you may have a different vision, please do tell me all about it).

3. Take a decent brand Snifter, I personally use something like this or these.

4. Boil a kettle of water and when the water is very warm but not overly hot pour the water into the snifter, do this over a metal spoon so you don’t shatter your snifter (not that it should if it isnt boiling), you want to fill it about half way up. (if you are in a pub and they do something stupid, like rest the brandy snifter on top of a glass (sometimes) with a napkin tell them how to do it properly).

5. Leave to sit for no less than 3 minutes

6. Pour 1 x 25ml shot per person, I for some reason do not enjoy a double shot so much, you may get away with 35ml measure, but not 50ml. oh, and use proper measures like you get in a pub, none of this by eye business.

7. Smell that gorgeous, glistening brown liquid and again imagine being wherever you want to be. (I mean look at the glass examples above, don’t those contents look delicious)

8. Sip, enjoy. Maybe go have another, then another.

9. This whole procedure including drinking can take up to 20 minutes per serving.

Wine (we’ll assume white as that is my flavour of the month)

Again I prefer wine with a cork, but you can get nice wine with a screw top, ill assume cork though :)

1. Remove wine from the fridge (pref wine fridge, oh santa be kind to me) De-cork the wine being careful not to break the cork in half or into bits and pour a little into the wine glass (whilst people like Riedel seem to do a glass for every type of wine this is ridiculous unless you have A: a lot of money and B: a lot of room, I tend to stick with a thinner glass for white and a more bowl shaped glass for red)

2. Sniff the wine. Now here you are just trying to tell if it is corked, you don’t have to swirl it around the glass forever taking deep breaths, just a single swirl and a sniff, if it isn’t corked pour yourself a glass, if it is corked, take it back for a refund.

3. If it has just come out the fridge let it sit for 5 minutes, then drink and enjoy,


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It has been a while since I posted here, to be fair I didn’t even realise that the time had passed so quickly. Not that there is much to say, same shit different day really. Mood wise I have been fine, not all the time but mostly. I have been trying something new and it is working a little, that is of course to not say that the issues are not still there, but I have certainly not been so down in the dumps lately.

The reason for not being here has been work, we have had a guy on holiday and it is real busy, I have just not had a chance to put anything together, even the Daily Posts have been pretty shit so not felt tempted to do them.

Not that any of you guys care of course, there is no reason for you to do so.

We’ll see how it goes I guess.


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Textures are everywhere: The rough edges of a stone wall. The smooth innocence of a baby’s cheek. The sense of touch brings back memories for us. What texture is particularly evocative to you?

Source: The Power of Touch

bringing strong images, memories, or feelings to mind.
“powerfully evocative lyrics”

Short version: The feel of her warm skin under my touch on a cold winter’s day!

It is worth pointing out that my visualisation for the below was the girl shown as the picture in this post. The tune also in my head goes perfectly with the mood, even though I think the song is ultimately about death, that is not what I am visualising in this case, I am visualising togetherness, passion, love, I am ignoring the lyrics per se and going by how the mood and the instruments make me feel.

Long Version: She stands looking out of the window onto the rain sodden city of London, grey clouds hang low and angry, dispensing their contents onto the buildings and streets below. Her arms are crossed and she is just looking out taking in the view; various shades of grey, interspersed with cars headlights.

My arms wrap around her and I tuck my hands under her jumper, the soft smooth skin for her belly under my touch makes me feel electrified, her skin is smooth and supple, the benefits of youth for sure, I feel her life force sinking into me, I smell her hair and she has her smell, I kiss her neck, warmth rushes into me.

She turns to face me, she closes her eyes and her head rises exposing her throat to me, my nose rubs against her skin and I breath her in, she fills my lungs and my heart, no words need to be said.


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I have been blogging for some time now, I think I’ve had a wordpress account for about 7 years and I had a livejournal account for about 10 years (some cross over time there though). I’ve never been particularly fantastic at it, I’ve never had a prolific amount of comments, subscribers etc on any of my blogs that I have had. Sometimes this bothers me and sometimes it doesn’t, the way I feel is that there is nothing I can say or do that will effect that and whilst some will say there is, I just don’t have the time nor inclination to do those things on something that is essentially a hobby for me.

Over the years I have gotten into some kind of routine when dealing with the world of blogging, not really so much in what I write although I do have two separate blogs for different things, but I don’t think that that is too uncommon, what I mean is when it comes to subscribing to other blogs and dealing with interactions, however few, on my blog.

For the longest time one of my biggest bugbears was that all of a sudden you would see the X person has followed you, this may either be soon after posting to a public area like Daily Post or Community Pool. Now we are of course all different in how we deal with things but I’ve always found this strange behaviour and would like to understand it better.

Here is the way it seems to me.

• I post a post, be it on my blog or a community like daily post or community pool.
• I (sometimes) get a notification that X has started following me.
• Nothing else happens, not a like, not a comment, nothing, niente, nada. For ever and ever

Here is what I do if I see something interesting on my travels over the same mediums

• I read a post on a blog or a community like daily post or community pool.
• I either like and or comment on that post.
• I click into the users blog and I go straight for an about page, if there is an about page that is more than some cursory info that is a +1 and I am possibly interested.
• I read a few of that persons posts and whilst not every single post is going to grab you, you can tell whether or not this is probably a blog you would be interested in.
• If all is looking rosy I will add that blog to my RSS reader and may (or may not) actually follow them from within WordPress (as I use no other blogging platforms currently).
• I read subsequent posts by them and if the focus changes over times where I find myself disengaged I will remove from my reader.

To me there is a massive disparity between what I see and what I do and wondered if it was just me, am I being unreasonable to think that to follow a blog you should read some of it, maybe like a few things, maybe?

As a connected aside there are other things I look out for on other people’s blogs even if I am interested in them.

• When do you post – if there is one post a month, or even just like on a fortnight, I doubt ill subscribe. Although it depends on the content, if it’s a short story thing I may, but if it is a personal blog probably not.
• Does the blogger respond to comments. I get a big massive red flag when I read through comments people make and the blogger has not replied to any or only a few? Not sure of the reasoning behind that, I personally find it very off putting.
• The Theme, I know this sounds mad, but if the theme is shocking on the news or I have to readjust my monitor every time I read there blog then I’ll move on.

What are your thoughts, what do you look out for or avoid?

The Great Pretender

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I am certainly not full of confidence. I have confidence in certain things but they are pretty basic rather than anything academically outstanding. In fact my low self esteem and general glass half full (most of the time) thing ensures that I do not have much confidence.

I certainly don’t have imposter syndrome, the reason I know this is because I have absolutely no achievements anyway so that was a simple one to answer.

Source: The Great Pretender


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In my head I had lined up a post about how I am feeling so low at the moment, that multiple things are hitting me from all side, and i cannot think of anything else. Self-esteem issues kicking my arse, my tramp/bum of a son that gives absolutely zero shits that he looks like said tramp/bum and has zero interest in anything else, how I think my relationship is just a fucking mess but leaving isn’t an option I can deal with right now and how I hate have to travel all this way to work to spend time with a boss I hate.

But then as I was going to write this I heard a lot of noise out side my window (at work) and I looked over, dark, angry grey skys are overhead and it is absolutely pissing down with rain. I smiled and now things seem better. I hope it keeps up, I want to go out in this.

Sadly though, at some point this rain; the real rain that is will stop and all that list of issues will still be there.


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I’ve a headache today and it is affecting my mood, not in a good way. I guess I was a bit moody today anyway, I don’t even have a reason for it, I suspect it is the usual bullshit though, dissatisfaction with everything, and I mean everything.

Sometimes I kid myself and say this is nothing to worry about, it’s just a bad day or it will be better tomorrow, or even tell myself off because who wants to spend all day every day and a miserable mofo who doesn’t enjoy anything, life is just too short for that shit.

Did the headache cause the mood or the mood cause the headache though? I’ve no idea but what I do know is that I have a pounding headache behind my eyes, probably all my own fault as I’ve not bought the glasses I was supposed to get after an eye exam over a month ago. But I just want to curl up and go to sleep.

It doesn’t help that working in IT you have to deal with so many retarded fucking questions in any given day. It actually makes you question the human intelligence, I am not talking technical stuff, I am talking either common sense or procedural stuff that people should know.

I’ll stop now or ill rant and rant and wont stop.


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I decided to do a 5 minute free write and the below is what sprang to mind, I have regone through it for cleaning up but it is pretty much how I wrote it, 5 minutes, no pre-forethought or planning. here it is…
I figured I would start with 5 minutes as that seems like a reasonable length of time, besides I am at work and you never know I may actually be asked to do some work. But with a bit of luck I’ll get the full 5 minutes.

I am torn on doing my music reviews over on my Habitat blog, I am torn because they are a lot of work for one post and they seem to be as popular as the pox, even when I post on the community pool for specific feedback on a specific post I get pretty much zero responses.

Perhaps I should just forget it and not share them, I don’t know what compels me to share them anyway, perhaps it is because I know they are relatively niche and so I want to push them out there a bit, I do also like the artwork too. I suppose that is a question for you guys, do you look and ponder on the artwork on an album or do you not care about it so much?

In some ways I wish I could buy all the CDs but they are much more expensive that buying and downloading a file, plus I would need t find room for them, but having the CDs would be fantastic, I think I’ll do that if I ever won the lottery… I have a lot of plans if I win the lottery, do you?


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I’ve found a use for my anker bluetooth keyboard. I can write out posts on my phone on the way into work. I am not sure I would do this everyday but certainly on those times when I get an idea in my head and want to jot it down. like today.

Yesterday via the community pool laugraeva suggested something and that something was write like only you will read it. It gave me pause for sure because whilst i thought it was something that I did regularly I realised that perhaps sometimes I hold back.

The obvious question here is why do I hold back? I think I may have mentioned this on another post recently but 1 reason is discovery, this place is unknown to anyone that knows me, but also this place is the internet and we have probable read about countless stupid people that have revealed one thing or another on social media and been bagged by work or something and gone on to lose their job. The chances of discovery are low, but the chance is there.

The second reason is judgement. I used to think that i was the kind of person that never gave a shit what other people thought of me an in many cases it is true, but on here for some reason it can, and has bothered me. It is OK people saying that they do not judge bu in my experience that isn’t always the case. I don’t mean the kind of judgement that people keep to themselves, i mean the kind where they may call you out on some thing they disagree with.

I understand it in a way, but really I would rather you just ignored the post and moved on. This is my place, my refuge and the last thing I want or need is having someone (who doesn’t even know me) start calling me out on something.

So those are my initial fears on writing like only I am reading it. And in thinking that I asked the question, what is the point (assuming only you would it) and the simple answer was “release”. So when I think that I may be holding back, I may well look at whatever I am writing and rewrite it as if I am the only one reading.

What about you, do you feel the same? have the same fear and issues or maybe different ones?


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For the first time since working here I went out for lunch to a local bar with a couple of the people from work, after a couple of beers and a bit of lunch and I reluctantly dragged my arse back to work for the rest of the day. It has however put me in a fairly good (albeit temporary) good mood. The girls I went to lunch with are from accounts and quite fun, it was good talking to them. The hour goes way too quickly though.

It has allowed my mind to wander, to move away from work and even home leave and maybe day dream a bit. This may not be completely healthy as I seem to day dream a lot and that generally means getting pulled out of reality and into a world of fantasy, but with two beers inside me its all good for the moment, it is when those beers “wear off” that shit will come crashing down I guess.